Jul 02 2009


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Click the picture above to watch a video from the 2015 North Channel cruise on Summer Breeze!

Click the picture above to watch a video from the 2011 Lake Huron trip!

Houghton-Hancock Bridge with whitecaps

The Houghton-Hancock Bridge with whitecaps breaking. We were docked in a relatively unprotected slip on the side of the waterway.

Royal Eagle in Hay Bay

Royal Eagle at the dock in Hay Bay

Polar Plunge

The boys take one of many “Polar Plunges” in Chippewa Harbor.

Lake Mason

Lake Mason, an interior lake on Isle Royal that was accessed by a 0.6 mi. hike from Chippewa Harbor.

Click to play this short video clip from the top of Isle Royale

Panoramic view

Panoramic view to the southwest from the Ojibway lookout tower.

Trailside scene

One of the beautiful trailside scenes we passed on the trip to Ojibway Lookout Tower

Boardwalk on way to Ojibway Lookout Tower

The group stops for a photo along one of the boardwalks over a bog on the trail from Daisey Farm to the Ojibway Lookout Tower.

On the trail to the Ojibway Lookout Tower

The crew heads down the trail on the 5 mi. hike from Daisy Farm to the Ojibway Lookout Tower.

Rainbow at West Caribou

After a brief shower a rainbow appeared at West Caribou Island

Boys Fishing at West Caribou

The boys fishing from the rocks on the east side of West Caribou Island off Isle Royale

Royal Eagle at West Caribou

Royal Eagle at the dock at West Caribou Island on Isle Royale

Red Rock

Now you know why they call the town Red Rock

CRP Slip
Looking west in CPR slip

Campfire at CRP Slip
A large white spuce log burns in the fire pit for up to two hours

CRP Slip
Looking east across CPR Slip

Group dinner at CRP Slip
The group having dinner by the Bunk house at CPR Slip

A view of CPR Slip from the outlook
A view of CPR Slip from the outlook

Pink Lady Slipper
Pink Lady Slipper (Cypripedium acaule) found on the hike to the outlook at CPR Slip

Appledoore IV
Gaff rigged schooner, Appledoore IV, sailing south towards DeTour

An immature Osprey in a nest on a navigation aid on the St. Mary’s River

The Harbour Masters office at Rossport
The Harbour Masters office at Rossport

Royal Eagle at Rossport
Royal Eagle tied up at the small marina at Rossport

Fishing tugs at Gargantua
Fishing Tugs at Gargantua

Sunset at Drummond Island
Sunset at Drummond Island

“Jonathon Livingston Seagull” joins us for Happy Hour at Drummond Island

Happy Hour
Kerry creates more delicious treats for Happy Hour at Drummond Island

Meldrum Inn
Dinner was delicious at the Meldrum Inn in Meldrum Bay, Ontario

Kip, Lew and Don set off to catch a fresh fish dinner at Bear Drop

Little Detroit
Windchaser transition “Little Detroit” on the way to Bear Drop

Fish for dinner
A fresh fish dinner is caught at Eagle Island

Royal Eagle and Windchaser at anchor
Royal Eagle and Windchaser at anchor on Eagle Island

Blueberry hunting on Eagle Island
Kip looking for Blueberries on Eagle Island

Kip and Don in dinghy
Kip and Don off in search of blueberries and fresh water clams on Eagle Island

Gore Bay
Kerry’s treats always add to the enjoyment of happy hour at Gore Bay

Boson's Chair
Bob in Royal Eagle’s boson’s chair en route to the mast top at Gore Bay

Kip doing maintenance
Kip performing maintenance on Royal Eagle’s anchor tackle at Gore Bay

Wally – a local icon at Little Current

Little Current
Little Current Harbor in Ontario Canada

Lansdowne Channel
A scenic view from the Lansdowne Channel on the way to Little Current

Covered Portage
One of many beautiful scenes in Covered Portage

Flower Pot
A “flower pott” on Flower Pot Island, seen on the way from Tobermory to Covered Portage

The anchor from a 155′ three masted schooner made in Vermilion, Ohio on display in Tobermory

Kip napping
The Captain taking a nap at Tobermory after a tough day navidating the fog

Windchaser being towed
Windchaser being towed off the rocks at Stokes Bay

Tamarac Inn
After dinner at the Tamarac Inn on Stokes Bay with owner Bill Schultz

Dinner in Kincardine
Dinner on the patio in Kincardine

Cigars in Bayfield
Organizing cigars while in Bayfield

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  1. Patricia Kleinon 04 Jul 2009 at 1:09 am

    LOVE the pictures!!! Thanks so much!!!

    Think I saw Don and Kerry getting back from the trip – they live across from us.

    Thanks again for the great pictures!

  2. Patricia Kleinon 04 Jul 2009 at 1:17 am

    The scenery pictures are great – loved the rocks and cliffs at Covered Portage! I love Kerry and the food pictures! Also, everyone looks great in the group pictures.

    One of my favorite pictures is you taking a nap and the look on the guy’s face at Tamarac (blue shirt with arm around Don).

    Happy Safe Sailing!

  3. Bob Sandersonon 29 Jul 2009 at 4:24 pm

    The pictures bring back a lot of great memories from 2005. Full sails Kip !