Sep 04 2009

August 3 St. Clair to Windsor, Ontario Lakeview Park Marina 34.6 NM

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We got uo early in order to catch the first bridge opening at 0800. I called the bridge master on the radio and told him of our intention to stay on the wall until he started to lower the traffic gates and he allowed us to do it which saved us from milling about in the river for 5-10 minutes. Once again we had another beautiful day and the forecast is for this weather to continue through Labor Day. I guess this is payback for the cold, overcast weather we had on the first part of the trip. We only had one barge and one freighter pass us going north while we were coming down the St. Clair but as soon as we got out into Lake St. Clair three freighters passed us right in a row all going north. Keeping track of them made the crossing of the lake a very quick affair and before we know it at 1300 we docked at Lakeview Park Marina. After checking into the marina we also checked in with Canada Customs and then went to the inside wall which put us in close proximity to the marina’s Laundromat. There is only one washer and dryer so we spent most of the afternoon doing the dreaded laundry. For dinner we went to the restaurant at the marina Lillie Kazillili’s and enjoyed another good meal. Tomorrow we plan to continue down the Detroit River to Boblo Island. We will check and see if the marina is in operation. If it is we will stay there otherwise we will anchor nearby.

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